5 Levels of Consciousness

Man staring into Space

Progressing Through the Levels of Conscious Awakening

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” – Joseph Campbell

Man staring into Space

As we go through the daily chaos of life such as going to work, taking care of the kids, waiting in traffic, going to school, or just basically surviving, there is something inside of us all that searches for more meaning and purpose. Many questions we begin to ask are:

“Why am I here?”

“What is my purpose?”

“Is there something more to all of this or is this it?”

“Is death the end of it all?

As we start asking these questions we begin to expand our awareness and progress to different levels of consciousness. At each level, you will pass through stages of mental and emotional blockages that coincides with the various levels of your development.

Although these are all summaries of the different levels, and each one takes a major shift in your perspective to evolve to the next level, here are the 5 levels that you will go through as your consciousness spiritually develops:

1. The Dark State

The dark state, also known as the dark heart, is the level of ignorance. If you cannot see the bright light of your inner self, if you are unable to contact higher wisdom or your creative intelligence, if you cannot experience spirit directly and do not know the ecstasy and bliss of your true nature, then you are living in complete and total darkness and ignorance.

In this dark state of ignorance you see this world as the only reality that exists. You live imprisoned in your experience and opinion of life to what your senses communicate to you about the world and yourself. Your thoughts and feelings are based off of sensory data and your personal history of thoughts, feelings, and actions. A person in the dark state sees everything incorrectly because the senses are very limited, fooled, and often inaccurate. Everything outside of their perception of reality is considered fake and nothing more than an illusion.

People at this level view those that seek realms of higher consciousness and spend their time doing spiritual practices as foolish and wasteful. They rather focus their awareness and energy on greater accomplishments in the physical world which seems so real, stable, and unalterable.

As long as physical existence satisfies them, or as long as they believe that gaining more materialistic things will someday fill in that void, they will remain in the dark state for a long time. It usually takes the help of another person or some sort of event that causes their materialistic world to collapse in order for them to search for fulfillment elsewhere and progress to the next level.

2. The Propelled state

When you realize that the outer world cannot satisfy you in any lasting way, you progress to the propelled state. At this level you start realizing that there has got to be more to life than what you have previously experienced. You begin your quest searching for more meaning and purpose to your existence.

In the propelled state, you are not merely philosophizing about the meaning and the truth of life, you are propelled, searching until you find what you seek. Your heart yearns for understanding, meaning, and more purpose. The events in the outer world lose much of their importance and their control over you. You feel an ache to solve the mystery of your life and to know, in a convincing and provable way, the meaning and purpose of your existence.

In this level the only thing that you will think about is finding truth. Every single day is another day for you to search and find answers, and you will not give up until you do. A calling from deep within the soul has to be satisfied and nothing short of the realization of your true nature (your highest consciousness) will make do.

If you are truly propelled then your success is inevitable. This propulsion contains the power that is needed to pass through all the obstacles and realize each and every level of consciousness. You may feel miserable and confused up until the resolution of your quest, but nevertheless, you should value and appreciate the fact that you are one of the few truly motivated people who is honestly and sincerely responding to your true nature and essence. This level initiates and conveys the inner spiritual light inside of us all in which you can rapidly, and with a sense of blessedness, move forward in your spiritual path and progress through the levels of conscious awakening.

3. The Steady State

Some may stay in the propelled state for a long time. Some may even give up and go back to the dark state to endure an endless suffering, always wondering what would have happened if they kept searching. But as long as you are truly propelled and persistence in your quest, then all of the answers and truths will reveal themselves to you in a divinely and intuitive way. Once this happens you will progress to the steady state.

Once steady, a sense of well being and joy overflows inside of you. Your ambition and aspiration in your search for truth are stronger than ever. No longer plagued by a multitude of misleading paths and philosophies, you now have an understanding of truth and your drive to gain more knowledge of this truth becomes laser focused. You have a sense of what your doing and how to do it. The only thing you must do to progress to the next stage is to stay true to it despite the chaos and desires of the world.

With this greater knowledge of consciousness and truth comes compassion and love. You still don’t have a deep understanding or experience of your true inner nature and essence, but you begin to realize it, and at times, you will get glimpses of this light inside of you that overflows throughout your entire body. As you maintain and appreciate this new state of profound consciousness, you will inevitable progress to the next level of consciousness.

4. The Devoted State

As your steadiness develops and matures, you begin to experience your inner light, love, and wisdom continuously at a much deeper level. You become devoted to the interests, insights, and concerns of your inner self. You are propelled towards higher consciousness within you, steady in your pursuit, and devoted to gaining and maintaining intimate contact with your higher self.

Once in the devoted state you are now able to see your old selfish nature and evil ways. You see how your own ignorance blocked your awareness of your true nature and denied the gift of God. Your desires, pride, fear, and envy have tormented you up until this point. You can now perceive and deal with inner problems and emotional and mental blockages that once seemed inconceivable to fix.

In the devoted state you become a transformed individual. Now that you have dwelt in higher levels of consciousness, you begin to come home to it. No longer is it a realization or understanding, it’s a transformation of becoming the very essence of it. You are no longer an enemy but a soldier for light, love, and truth.

5. The Clear State

The Clear State, also known as the clean state, is the highest level of conscious awakening that you can reach. The greatest level of awareness. You realize that all ideas are internal and that the outer world is an expression or manifestation of ideas that exist within you – the consciousness which is your essence. You realize and truly understand that you are the one that creates your reality.

You now see that we are all one and we are all connected. We are all inseparable and connected to everything in the universe. Your true nature and true self is much bigger then you once thought. The real you is all there is. Your real self is the self of all. Everyone else is an aspect of your much larger self. We all come from only one consciousness that exists.
You completely shed away your old self and your old nature. All of your old thoughts, actions, and feelings dissolve and you are finally clear and clean. You are now able to humbly accept your light in every cell of your body, in every beat of your heart, and in every tissue of your mind. You freely and humbly allow the light and life of your true essence to permanently dwell inside of you!

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