Alpha Brainwaves – The Best state for Productivity

When you are in a state of perfect flow creativity pours from your very essence. You are able to tap into the subconscious faculties that every genus is able to access on demand. We are much more powerful than we realize and our ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to is truly limitless. The hardest part is getting out of our own way and allowing the forces of the universe to flow through us so that we can be a tool for growth and development to the world.

The perfect state to access this flow for increasing our productivity is in the Alpha brainwave range. The frequencies in this group range anywhere from 8Hz to 13.9Hz. At 14Hz you are in the Beta range which is normal waking consciousness, and at 7.9Hz you are in the Theta range, which is more of a dream like state.  In the Alpha brainwaves range you can think from a more relaxed and receptive state of mind that allows you to tap into your own genus.

alpha brainwaves and productivityIn this state many people find there is often a euphoric and effortless feeling of flow. In this frequency range you are absorbed in the activity so much it’s almost like tunnel visions where nothing outside of your range of focus exists.

Binaural beats that use Alpha brainwave frequencies are for things like relaxing, super-learning, intense focusing,  and light mediation. This range is also the beginning of tapping into the subconscious mind where you can remove barriers that would usually hold you back .

Alpha frequencies are also associated with what writers, musicians, artists, and athletes refer to as, being “in the zone” or “in the moment.” It’s also the state when we are daydreaming or reading.

Here are just a few of the benefits that we receive from operating in this state:

Overcoming Fear

One of the greatest things about Alpha brainwaves is that when we are in this state all fear has been eliminated. Fear creates a heightened state of thinking which then causes our brainwaves to operate at a much higher frequency in the high Beta range. When we are in this relaxed state we find that our fears seem to dissolve.

Increasing Focus

When we are in the Alpha range we are operating from an intensely focused mindset. This allows us to overcome obstacles and barriers that would normally hold us back from performing the task at hand.

Removing Stress

As we find ourselves in this relaxed state we find that the normal stresses of life are completely eliminated. Just like fear, stress comes from us operating at a higher Beta range around 20Hz. If we can keep our brainwaves operating around 10Hz then it is physically impossible for us to feel stress.

How to enter the Alpha brainwaves

Usually throughout the day we can find ourselves in the higher Alpha range just through natural tasks that we perform. Examples of you being in this state are when you are driving and in a relaxed state, right before you fall asleep, when you are reading something, or even watching a movie.

With these simple tasks you are usually operating around 12Hz. The most powerful Alpha states around 9Hz are much more difficult to access without will power and intention. Some of the ways you can access this state are through:

  • Meditation – It’s been proven over and over that individuals who meditate are much more productive and can think more clearly. This is a result of operating in the Alpha range. As we slow our minds down and focus with intention through meditation we will naturally go to this state.
  • Proper Breathing – Taking deep relaxing breaths can slow your heart rate down and eventually slow your brainwave frequencies down to a low enough range where you will access the Alpha state.
  • Binaural Beats – This of course is the easiest way to access Alpha brainwaves. The great thing about them is they will put you in the exact frequencies required for whatever task you are attempting to perform and you can usually access this state in a matter of minutes.

The more that you are able to tap into these frequencies whenever you need to be more productive, learn new skills, perform high level tasks, or anything for that matter, the easier it becomes. It’s like going to the gym but for your brain. Everyday you should spend at least 10 minutes in this range. You will find it will get easier every time.

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