Binaural Beats and the Third Eye

Third eye Chakra

I remember that when I was first attempting to learn how to astral project I read a book for beginners that talked about staring at our third eye with both of our physical eyes to enter into the hypnotic state required to separate more easily.

Basically you close your eyes and you look up as far as you can at the top of your head. Imagine that you are staring at a ball of light and energy that exist in the center of your forehead. Go ahead and try it now. You will realize right away that it strains the bottom of your eyes and they begin to get sore. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. With practice, you can keep your eyes there for longer periods of time and feel more comfortable doing it.

Third eye Chakra

It most definitely has a strange affect on you when you are practicing your meditations.

One day I decided to go ahead and try this technique while I was listening to binaural beats. The effect was awesome! Something that I would highly recommend everyone to try while they are listening to binaural beats. It literally enhances the effects of the audio and makes them much more useful.

At first it can put a strain on your eyes but you must fight through this. Don’t think about the pain and just try to focus on the sounds of the binaural beats. With practice and time, the muscles in your eyes will become much more used to doing this and within a few weeks you will not feel that uncomfortableness anymore. We have 7 muscles in our eyes called the extraocular muscles which control the movement of the eye. Just like if we don’t exercise and attempt to do something strenuous we will become sore, we must exercise these muscles in our eyes for them to no longer become sore.

The third eye is considered to be the seat of the soul. It is part of brow or ajna chakra which is the most powerful and important energy center. It is how we are able to perceive dreams when we are sleeping and also it is what gives us our intuition. It is the gateway that leads us to higher realms of existence.

When you focus on this area and become aware of your third eye, it begins to open up and the energies begin to flow throughout our whole body. If your third eye is developed enough, then when you practice the technique with your eyes closed, you will begin to see a bright golden light.

I believe the combination of using binaural beats with opening the third eye has an astounding effect on our consciousness. Give it a try the next time you are listening to binaural beats and let me know what you think. Any type of relaxing beat should work just fine but play around with different ones and see which one works best for you.

Update 4/14/13

So I just seen that IsoBeats has released a recording that has specific frequencies for opening your third eye. I have tried it out and the effects are quite astounding. Seems to work faster and open your third eye more. Check it out Third Eye Opening IsoBeats. Should warn you to use with caution and make sure that after you use the recording you have an hour with nothing to do but ground yourself. I found myself extremely sensitive to all the energies and emotions around me after using this recording so it was difficult to function normally.

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