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How to Increase Your IQ With Binaural Beats

Although it seems like some far off science fiction technology, it really is possible to increase your IQ by listening to binaural beats. Actually, it’s not as far off as we may think as it’s already been proven that certain music such classical can actually improve brain function. But when we use binaural beats to […]

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Alpha Brainwaves – The Best state for Productivity

When you are in a state of perfect flow creativity pours from your very essence. You are able to tap into the subconscious faculties that every genus is able to access on demand. We are much more powerful than we realize and our ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to is truly limitless. […]

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Getting By on Less Sleep with Binaural Beats

Woman sleeping

Can Binaural Beats Make You Need Less Sleep and Stay Productive? So I’ve been looking for a way to reduce the amount of sleep I need each night so that I can be much more productive. Besides the obvious of eating healthy, exercising, and keeping a schedule, I came across some interesting information: Thirty minutes […]

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