Experiencing My First Lucid Dream

Man flying in the clounds

My First Experience With Lucidity

You never forget your first lucid dream. It’s incredible. After you experience it for yourself you will never look at dreams the same again. Shifting from subconscious to conscious awareness completely changes everything about the way you perceive the dream. Faint and fuzzy objects sprout to life with intricate details, colors become brighter and more realistic, emotions of the dream become intense feelings, and everything becomes much more surreal. It is definitely something I believe everyone should learn how to do.

About a month prior to my first lucid dream I had never even heard of the concept before. A friend of mine had told me about it and shared with me some of his experiences. I was instantly hooked. The thought of becoming aware and in control of my dreams amazed me. I knew that I had to learn more and experience it for myself.

Really, I didn’t do too much to have my first lucid dream. I didn’t know about lucid dreaming binaural beats, I still wasn’t aware of all the different techniques such as reality checks, and I hadn’t even started a dream journal yet. All the basic steps you’re supposed to take to gain control of your dreams. All I did was make an effort to start remembering my dreams when I woke up. Just this simple step was enough to experience my first one.

Man flying in the clounds

It started out like any other dream. I remember I was inside of this old eerie house that I didn’t recognize. I had never seen this house before but as I looked outside I recognized it was located just a few blocks from where I lived. I walked outside and it seemed so desolate. There was a dense mist that had settled on the ground and everything beyond the house was extremely dark. I was standing on the porch looking out and I began to get a terrible feeling that there was something out there after me. Like I was being watched.

I began to panic and was trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this place when all of a sudden it hit me that I was dreaming. My mind tried to rationalize it and convince me otherwise. A dream could not feel this real. But after a few moments of confusion I remembered reading an article that said if you have to ask yourself if you are dreaming or if you’re awake, then you automatically know that it’s a dream. It was at this point when I became fully lucid.

I became excited but tried my hardest to remain calm so I wouldn’t wake up or lose my lucidity. I turned towards the house and began running as fast as I could.

When I got to the door I reached out my arm and I yelled out loud, “door open!” The door slammed opened and as I entered the house I stuck my arm up in the air and jumped as hard as I could. I went right through the ceiling and began to fly. This was the first time I seen just how real the experience of conscious dreaming could be.

Gazing at all the lights and buildings below me, feeling the force of the wind against my body, looking at the bright stars above me, and the overall intense rush that I was feeling from flying made it seem more real than waking reality.

As I was getting used to this new state of awareness, I decided that I wanted to see the beach in the daytime. I wasn’t sure exactly how to change my environment yet so I just closed my eyes and tried to visualize the beach in as much detail as I could. I didn’t realize just how difficult performing something like this was. How much control over your mind you actually needed.

As soon as I opened my eyes I remember seeing a glimpse of the beach and then black. Everything seemed like a blur and it was spinning around me. I became confused. Disorientated. My lucidity was gone just as quickly as it came and I woke up.

I was so excited the next day that I couldn’t stop talking about it. This was the beginning to a new world of dreaming that I was soon about to discover. After this experience my lucid dreams became more and more frequent, my levels of lucidity rose, and the control over my dreams grew stronger. Now today (just a few years later) I have had hundreds of them. But no matter how many I have had, they never cease to amaze me and leave me in awe the next morning.

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