Getting By on Less Sleep with Binaural Beats

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Can Binaural Beats Make You Need Less Sleep and Stay Productive?

So I’ve been looking for a way to reduce the amount of sleep I need each night so that I can be much more productive. Besides the obvious of eating healthy, exercising, and keeping a schedule, I came across some interesting information:

Thirty minutes spent in the Theta range can reduce the amount of sleep that you need by up to three hours.

This seems like it makes a lot of sense but I wasn’t able to find any information of someone actually trying this out and seeing if it works. If it does work it would be amazing. This would give me an extra 3 hours everyday to do whatever I want. I sleep 7 hours a night right now so this would mean that I would only need 4 hours of sleep and then would have to spend 30 minutes in the Theta range.

That’s an extra 21 hours a week that would otherwise be spent in bed. Or to put it in another perspective, that’s over 84 hours a month!

Woman sleeping

What would you do with 84 hours a month? I’m thinking I can spend that time attempting to improve my writing, learn a new language, or even write a book. The options are limitless. I can even create a few new websites on hobbies that I love.

Since I can’t find any information about someone actually trying this I am going to have to experiment with it on my own. First I am going to create a 30 minute binaural beat recording in the Theta range. I also figure that it’s going to be very hard to function if I quickly transition from 7 hours of sleep to 4 hours of sleep. I need to slowly make adjustments. Maybe decrease my sleep by 30 minutes each week. We’ll see how I productive I am each day and adjust accordingly.

The question is when do you listen to the binaural beats and spend thirty minutes in the Theta range? Right when you wake up? Before you go to bed? In the middle of the day? I am going to have to listen to the binaural beats at all these different times to see which one works the best.

I also understand that it’s not the amount of sleep that you get but the quality.

Have you ever heard of polyphasic sleep? It basically involves sleeping multiple times throughout the day instead of just once. You take naps every few hours and you only have to sleep a total of 2-3 hours everyday. A strange way to sleep but it works. How’s this possible? The most important time of sleep is when we are in REM. On a monophasic sleep cycle like we are all on, it takes a lot of time before we enter REM sleep. Switching to a polyphasic sleep pattern trains your brain to enter REM right away so that even though you are sleeping only 2-3 hours a day you are getting quality sleep.

Check out Steve Pavlina’s 90 day polyphasic sleep experiment to learn more about it.

Now by no means do I want to attempt this sleep schedule. That takes some discipline. But I am interested in how I can have a regular sleep schedule and get by on less sleep. So if it’s not the amount of sleep you get but the quality, then can I use binaural beats to improve my quality? In order to find this out, I am also going to create a binaural beat to listen to while I sleep in an attempt to increase the amount of time I spend in REM.

Who knows maybe I’ll find a way to only need 3 hours of sleep each night and still have lots of energy and be alert.

Of course, if you enjoy sleeping in then you shouldn’t worry about it too much but just remember: Success is found under the alarm clock.

Well I am off to start creating my binaural beats.  I will let you know how it goes in a few days.

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