How to Use Positive Affirmations To Change Your Life

Since I have been a kid I have always believed that the way we think determines who we become. As I have gotten older I have had a lot of experiences that have proven to me over and over that this is in fact true. As Confucius once said, “ The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” We seem to think that these people who are able to create massive amounts of success – whether it’s with health, wealth, love, or happiness – are somehow special and separate from the average person. The truth is the person who is financially free and has created millions of dollars in wealth is not much different than you or I. The only thing that separates anybody is nothing more than the way we think. Therefore, whoever or whatever you want to become is possible simply by changing the way that you think and positive affirmations are the easiest way to do this.

You can do it positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations Change the Way You Think

It almost seems too simply but the truth is that you can accomplish any goal and achieve more than you ever thought possible simply by changing how you think. Whatever you standards are in life, whatever your “musts” are, will always manifest in your life. If you demand to be healthy and fit and accept no other option then you will take different actions towards improving your health than someone who simply would like to be healthy but doesn’t think they can do it. The first person will be at the gym everyday and never come up with an excuse because they will not accept any other option. The second person will always have excuses as to why they don’t go to the gym and why they are not healthy. It’s the same thing with money. A person who will not accept any other option than to become a millionaire will take different actions than someone who is content making $45,000 a year.

ali quoteIf we want to improve our own lives then we need to change our dreams, goals, like to haves, maybe someday, in the future, I wishes, and everything else we tell ourselves into things that have to happen. There’s no other option than for me to become financially independent. I will not accept anything else in my life no matter what obstacles I face. This is the attitude we need when trying to get anything out of life. If at anytime you are willing to retreat on the things you want out of life then the things you want will retreat from your life. If you want to take the island then you must be willing to burn your boats. Ask any person who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and not a single one will tell you that it was easy. They probably faced failure more times than we have even tried and that is why they made it. That is why they are successful in acquiring the type of life that they want.

I am almost positive that the best way to see instant changes in your life and become the person that you want to become is through the proper use of positive affirmations. When we listen to positive affirmations it allows us to hear and feel whatever we want in life before we have actually acquired it. They essentially are tools that help us ‘fake until we make’, as they say. Whatever you tell yourself everyday you will eventually believe. What you believe will essentially change your thoughts, which will change your actions, which then changes the results that you get out of life.

The story in your mindWe all have that little voice inside of our heads that seem to think that it knows what truth is and what reality is. If you just said to yourself, “what voice?” then you have just heard the voice that I am talking about. Really no one knows where this voice comes from but the voice inside our heads is nothing more than the story that we tell ourselves. What most of us don’t realize is that voice is not who we are. It’s really nothing more than noise that goes on in our head most likely coming from our selfish ego that wants to hold on to an identity and be important. If you listen to that voice then you will always be a victim to circumstance and never be able to create the life that you want. In order to become a master of your thoughts and thus a master in creating the life that you want to live then you must learn how to master this voice.

The first step in mastering that voice is realizing that it is there. I want to give a few examples so maybe you can recognize your own voice in your head and what it has been telling you that may be holding you back from what you want out of life. Here is a list of things that we tell ourselves that really is nothing more than a story we have created and until we master the voice that tells us these things, then they will always become true:

  • I can’t do this
  • I’m this way because of my genes
  • My parents were like this so that’s where I get it from
  • Only lucky people can become successful
  • I’m not a creative person
  • Life is hard
  • My friends and family don’t care about me
  • I’ll be happy once I get…(children, wealth, love, house, etc..)
  • I’ll quit this bad habit once this happens
  • My kids never listen to me
  • My boss doesn’t appreciate me
  • I’m not where I want to be in life because of…
  • I’m not getting paid what I’m worth
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too busy to do that
  • Who is this guy writing this and what the hell does he know 🙂

The list can go on and on and on. I’m sure that you can start to think of many that you have been telling your own self every day.It becomes even more real when we connect it with something that we want out of life but will never be able to get it because we listen to this voice more than we take accountability to change it. For example:

Let’s say that you want to have a healthy loving relationship with your partner, your parents, your kids, or whoever. If you don’t have it currently the first thing this voice will tell you is reasons why you don’t have it.

  • My parents don’t accept who I am
  • My kids don’t respect my authority
  • My partner doesn’t appreciate me

The voice in your mindNow it becomes difficult to separate this voice from truth because this voice is our truth. There are a lot of reasons why this voice is there and we usually get some type of benefit from telling ourselves these things. This can come in the form of us having to be right. It can come in the form of avoiding an experience that we are afraid to face. It can come in the form of not accepting your own choices and maybe acknowledging that you yourself may partly be at fault. It’s absolutely crazy what we will sacrifice just for the sake of being right. Entire divorces happen and families separate just because a person would rather be right than simply forgive and move forward. By us listening to this voice over and over we create loops in our life where no matter where we go or what happens we seem to face the same circumstances over and over. This is because we are listening to the same story play in our heads and never took the time to change what we tell ourselves.

Once you are able to change the story (the voice) we will then be able to change our lives and I promise you that you will see results faster than you ever imagined possible. The great thing is that we can use tools like positive affirmations to help change the story and when used properly, change our life. Lets look at a few examples of affirmations we can use to change the story that we tell ourselves:

  • I can easily do this
  • Making money is easy and fun
  • I am a loving and caring parent
  • I work hard to achieve anything I desire
  • I am so happy and grateful now that….
  • I am able to manage my time wisely
  • Everyday I increase my worth and my income
  • I choose to be happy right now
  • I am blessed everyday with abundance
  • I release bad habits that no longer serve me
  • I know that I am appreciated
  • I am an inspiration to other people
  • Wow, who is this guy writing this, he is amazing 🙂

You see, by changing that voice in your head to start telling you a different story like these above, it changes how you perceive things, changes how you feel, and if these thoughts are held persistent enough, they will eventually change who you become.

what-we-think-we-shall-become-buddhaThe great thing about the brain is it eventually believes what it is exposed to and after time it accepts it. Every thought and belief that you hold now is nothing more than a sum of all of your experiences and input that the brain has received throughout your entire life. Changing your life truly is as simple as changing the input that the brain receives. This inevitably will lead to a difference in output.

If you want to use positive affirmations to change your life you must first understand that every emotion, thought, and feeling is stemmed from a physiological state. If you can get into the correct physiological state first, the feelings and emotions will always follow. If you want to get the most out of any affirmations that you listen to, write down, or repeat out loud, you must be able to feel them on a physiological level. Think of the universe as energy vibrating at different frequencies. If you say I am healthy, or I have abundance, or I am financially free, it’s nothing more than meaningless noise if we don’t associate these words with a physiological vibration. Once we are able to eternally resonate with what it is we are wanting to accomplish we will begin to feel as if we already have it which boosts confidence and eliminates fear.

Here are a few steps you can try out that will help you use positive affirmations to their fullest potential:

1. Consistency

I put this on the list first because I believe that it is probably the most important. Any affirmations that you listen to won’t do very much if you only listen to them one time and then go on with your life. The more that you can listen to the affirmations the more they will seep into your brain. How long should you listen to them? Well that answer is simple: Until you are where you want to be in life. Wouldn’t you rather listen to affirmations for five years everyday and realize that you have accomplished everything you want or listen for a year and then give up and see no results?

2. Dedication

Whatever affirmations that you decide to listen to, make sure that you are dedicated to the outcome. Don’t let there be any escape to accomplishing what it is you want to accomplish. This will keep you motivated and on track because you aren’t wasting your energy on other outcomes.

3. Breath

In order to keep your physiology balanced and receptive to new input, how you breath is essentially when listening to these affirmations. I will get into much more detail on this in another post but practice conscious breathing. Take slow deep breaths in, and slow deep breaths out. How long or big of breath you take is not as important as how consistent your breath is. Try to make each inhale and exhale just slow and steady.

4. Faith

When listening to affirmations the stronger your belief that they will be true the quicker they will manifest. Have faith that listening to these recordings will change your life. Know that everything you hear will come true no matter what. The great thing is the more consistent you are and the longer you listen to them the stronger your belief will naturally become.

5. Action

Nothing in this world is accomplished without action. Go out and start taking the steps necessary to make it happen. The more actions you take the more results you will get. This will give you confidence to take even more action and then get even better results. Another great thing with positive affirmations is the more you listen the stronger your faith will become and the more actions you will naturally take.

All of this is really scratching the surface of the power of using positive affirmations to change your life. I will break down many of these concepts in future posts but if you’ve made it this far then it means that you are dedicated to change! Keep up the great work.

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