How to Increase Your IQ With Binaural Beats

Although it seems like some far off science fiction technology, it really is possible to increase your IQ by listening to binaural beats. Actually, it’s not as far off as we may think as it’s already been proven that certain music such classical can actually improve brain function. But when we use binaural beats to increase our IQ, these sounds are specifically engineered and thus they are much more effective than other music for getting us smarter.

increase your IQ with Binaural Beats

Although it’s not possible for us to obtain new levels of knowledge simply by using brainwave entrainment, it is possible for us to amplify the knowledge that we already have. This includes processing information faster, thinking more clearly, staying more focused, becoming more aware, and tapping into the storehouse of the subconscious which is much more powerful than the conscious mind. A combination of these things is essentially what increases our IQ and allows us to problem solve at a new levels beyond our current awareness.

The most interesting thing about increasing our IQ with binaural beats is that it has more to do with our physiology than our actual brain function. By regulating our physiology, and regulating our heartbeat, we can actually think much more clearly. This has to do with the flight or fight mechanism that has been passed down to us from our ancestors. When we are under any type of stress (which is the normal operating state for many of us), our frontal lobes shut down and even the simplest of tasks can become a challenge. By becoming in control of our physiology, we become in control of our feelings, our emotions, our state, our actions, and thus the results we produce. This frees up all of our wasted energy and allows us to direct it towards increasing our brain function.

By listening to IQ increasing binaural beats, your brainwaves will begin to resonate much more consistent and slowly lower into the alpha range. Once they are in this range the body will then begin to regulate itself and our physiology will begin to improve. Once this happens everything else will align and you will find yourself thinking on a much higher level than previously. If you were to take an IQ test and then take another test after 20 minutes of listening to these recordings, you will see a dramatic improvement in your test scores.

Using these recordings every day will also help you achieve whole-brain-functioning which has huge amounts of benefits. This is where you are able to access both sides of your brain and allow you to creatively problem solve where you would otherwise be more creative or more analytical.

The most important thing to remember when listening to these audios is to be aware of your breath. Take slow consistent breaths throughout the entire entrainment process and you will get much better results. Whether you are a student trying to get better grades, becoming better at your job, or just simply want to become smarter then listen to these audios a few times a week and you will begin to see permanent changes that will give you new skills to carry with you for the rest of your life.


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