Lucid Dreaming Story – Guided by An Outside Force

Men in Black

The Numeric Code for Dreaming…… 266?

Last night I had a very interesting lucid dream. It started off just as any other dream would, except instead of becoming lucid on my own, there was an outside force that guided me into realizing it. Maybe it was nothing more than a manifestation of my own subconscious. Maybe not. Either way it was an interesting experience that I will never forget.

Men in Black

The first thing I remembered was sitting in my parents backyard. We were having a barbecue and all of my family was over. I was talking to my grandparents and when I looked up I saw two strange men that were wearing black suits come out the backdoor. They began walking towards me and no one seemed to notice them except for me.

When they finally reached me one of them looks directly in my eyes and says, “266.”

This didn’t make any sense. Looking very puzzled and confused I asked him, “what does 266 mean?” The man that was standing next to him tells me, “don’t worry, you will find out very soon.” Never having heard a meaning behind this number before, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I realized what the men in the suits where trying to tell me.

Instantly I yelled out, “266! That means that I’m in a dream.” The two men look at me with a big smile and one says, “you have figured it all out.” They turn around and began to walk towards the house. I ran and stopped them and asked if they were nothing more than a dream too.

“Everything you see and everything you are experiencing is nothing more than a dream except for us. We are messengers sent here to guide you and our job here is finished.” replied one of them. They walked inside the house and disappeared.

After they left I began yelling 266 over and over to become more lucid and remember that I was dreaming. As I looked up at the sky I saw a plane fly by and decided that I wanted to fly. I jumped up a few times but my conscious mind had trouble accepting that this was possible and wouldn’t allow me to lift off the ground higher than a normal jump. This happens to me all the time in my lucid dreams and I usually trick my conscious mind by imagining that I have a tool that allows me to do whatever I want. I began to imagine that I had a jet pack on my back. Blast off!

The adrenaline rush of flying in a lucid dream never gets dull. I can’t imagine that many things that are as much fun even in waking reality.

After I flew around for a few minutes I came back to the ground. I couldn’t remember where I had fallen asleep and for some reason I thought I was sleeping at my parents house where my dream first started (it’s funny how our minds try to rationalize things in a world that’s anything but rational). I looked inside the window and sure enough I see my body laying on the ground asleep. I got that same eerie feeling you get when you astral project but having experienced both I knew the difference between the two.

I moved on and saw my sister standing next to me. Now I believe in dreamscaping – where two people can share a dream simultaneously.  I was hoping that she was having the same dream with me and I wanted to let her know that it was just a dream so she could become lucid too. I took her outside and told her to get on my back. I started flying her around but as she was holding me as tight as she can, she begged for me to take her down because she was too scared.

When I got to the ground my mom was standing out there taking pictures of us. I thought, “hey, why haven’t I ever thought about taking pictures in a dream? That way when I wake up I can see what my dream looks like.” (Another example of our minds trying to rationalize things in an unknown world) As soon as I took the camera and started taking pictures I woke up…..

I’ve had similar dreams where people or signs have made me realize that I am dreaming but nothing to that extent. I’ve also never seen myself in a dream before so that was interesting. I asked my sister the next day if she remembered any of her dreams last night and she said no. Whether or not they were just a manifestation of my subconscious or possibly something else that entered my dream to guide me I will never know….

Until next time…. I’ll see you in the dream world

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