Manifestation Binaural Beats

Attracting the Life You Desire

Attracting the Life You Want with Binaural Beats

As quantum science advances, and our understanding of this universe expands, we are beginning to realize that we create our own reality-good or bad-by our predominating thoughts. The law of attraction, the law of nature, and the law of abundance are just a few names that scientists and individuals have called this phenomenon. But no matter what you call it, it’s a universal law that is always taking affect. By understanding the manifesting power of our thoughts, and using binaural beats to help us tap into this power, we can create any reality that we desire.

How Does This Law Work?

Everything is energy and every form of energy has a specific vibrational frequency. When two things are vibrating at the same frequency they attract to each other and transfuse. Our thoughts, blended with strong emotion, create a larger magnitude of vibrations than anything else. If we hold a specific thought in our mind for a certain amount of time, then that thought will eventually manifest itself into our reality. Our dominating thoughts are what makes us who we are. Change your thoughts, change your life.

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How Can Binaural Beats Help Me Manifest My Desired Reality?

In order to manifest the reality you want you must remove all negative thoughts and focus on exactly what you want to happen. This can be difficult to do on your own. We live in a society that has taught us to focus on the things that we don’t have and believe we can’t have. We accept our reality for what it is and think that luck is the determining factor of our lives. Manifestation binaural beats help shift our awareness to the things we do want and change our state of mind to positive, high attracting vibrational frequencies.

Wishing, hoping, and dreaming does not attract the things we want but actually has an adverse affect attracting more wishes, hopes, and dreams. As long as we are in this state of mind we will never manifest the reality we want. Am I saying we shouldn’t wish or dream for things? Of course not, but there is much more to the law of attraction than just this. We must shift our thoughts, emotions, and entire state of being to align, and become apart of, our desired reality. This requires a good imagination and strong visualization skills. Manifestation binaural beats bring us down to the frequencies that improve these skills and dramatically increase our manifestation efforts.

What Can Manifestation Binaural Beats Help Me Attract?

This is really only limited by your own imagination, patience, and determination. Anything you truly desire, when using the techniques described below, is possible. Whether it’s wealth, love, happiness, fame, abundance, or just peace of mind, all of our dreams are obtainable by shifting our state of mind. If you want to quit your job, get a bigger house, drive that fancy car, and make more money than you ever thought possible, manifestation binaural beats will allow you to accomplish this.

How to Use Manifestation Binaural Beats

Unlike most of the other binaural beats that only require you to focus on the sounds of the recordings, manifestation binaural beats require a certain degree of effort and persistence to reap the full benefits. Throwing on these recordings and focusing on exactly what you want for 15min a day will work, eventually, but if you are really serious about becoming in control of your destiny, and you want to see the results manifest themselves quickly, then I suggest you follow these techniques.

  1. Gratitude:The first and one of the most important steps when using manifestation binaural beats is to become thankful for everything in your life. If your not appreciative of what you have now, no matter how small or what situation you find yourself in, then your thoughts are more focused on what you don’t have. Look at every situation and failure as a learning process and a step closure to success.
  2. Ask, Believe, and Receive:If you’ve ever read anything about the law of attraction then you know that these are the three most basic steps to manifesting your reality. Ask the Universe, God, Cosmos, or whatever you call the divine force to provide you with the reality you want to manifest. Believe with all of your heart that it will come true. Be open to receive the gift you asked for and take advantage of all the situations that arise to get you closer to your goal.
  3. Set It In Stone:Write down exactly what you want to manifest into your reality. Be as specific as possible. You should write it in present tense form as if you already have it. For the best results read this paper out loud before you go to bed and right when you wake up. This helps keep you constantly focused and thinking about your goal.
  4. Manifest: Alright, time for you to create your desired reality. You should be ready to spend at least 20 minutes a day using the manifestation binaural beats. The more time you spend shifting your thoughts the quicker you will see the results. Wherever you decide to use these recordings make sure that it’s a quiet, comfortable, and undisturbed place. Relax, throw on your headphones, and allow the binaural beats to shift your brainwaves.

Once you begin to feel the binaural beats taking affect it’s time to start the visualization process. By visualizing exactly what you want and imagining that you already have it, you align your thoughts with that reality. When doing this you want to put as much emotion into it as possible. What this does is amplifies your thought vibrations creating a larger magnetic affect. If you do this consecutively for 20 minutes a day then you will see your desired reality manifest in no time.

Where to Get Manifestation Binaural Beats:

Just like all brainwave entrainment you want to make sure that you only use quality recordings. If not, you may become frustrated and lose faith in the power of manifestation because your not seeing the results you would like. Once you stop believing you are no longer in control of your reality.

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Remember that every choice you make determines an outcome in the future. If you spend the time to focus on exactly what you want in life then you will always make the right choices to get you where you need to go. If you are not focused then the choices you make will only get you farther from where you need to be.