Guided Meditation for Success

Guided Meditation for Success

Over these past few weeks I have been searching for a great meditation recording for success. I wanted to find one that I really liked so that I can listen to it in the mornings. This way I can stay focused on the things in life that I want throughout the day and make the correct choices to get me there. I’ve probably searched close to 100 different audios and videos and this morning I finally found one that really resonated with me. Here is a guided meditation for wealth and abundance that I found very effective:

It’s close to 30 minutes long and if you are going to listen to it then I suggest you meditate to the entire recording to get the best results. This guided meditation takes you on a journey where you will completely relax, overcome mental obstacles, visualize what you want to accomplish, and help guide you to creating success.

Starting Your Day Off With Meditation

I can’t express how important it is to start your day off right and I believe meditation is key. Every action has an equal reaction. Every choice that we make throughout the day has a consequence – good or bad. When we are not consciously aware of our choices then we are not in control of the reaction. We are not in control of our lives.

By taking time out of the day to stop and meditate on exactly what you want in life, you will then focus on the choices you need to make in order to get you there. You will then be in complete control.

Where will you be in 5 years? The answer to that is determined by what you do today – what choices you make and what action you take right now. If you don’t know or don’t pay attention, then you are not in control of the situations in your life. The situations of your life are in control of you.

What you focus on will determine what choices you make, and every choice you make will lead you either farther or closer to your goals.

As Adlin Sinclair once said, “You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.”

Change Your Thinking to Reach Success

If you want to be in control of your life with all of the success that it can offer, you must break the automaton robotic thinking and start becoming consciously aware of your thoughts. You must become responsible for the way you think. You must guard your thoughts from negativity, pessimism, doubt, scarcity, poverty, stress, frustration, and all the other evils of the world.

A foolish man sees the world the way it is. A wise man sees the world the way he wants it to be. For the wise man knows he is in complete control of his reality.

Focus on nothing but the life that you want to live and the things that you want to have. Nothing Else. The more you can stay focused the quicker it will manifest in your life.  I know of no better way to do this than through meditation. But always remember, an idea or thought is no more powerful than the brain cell that occupied it without action.

Hope you guys all enjoy this guided meditation for success and use it to it’s fullest potential.

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