Is It Time to Stop Using Binaural Beats

Success and binaurals

If you have been using binaural beats for some time now then you already know the power that they have. They are an amazing tool that can allow us to accomplish things rather quickly that would otherwise take lots of practice. But they are only tools. I believe we should not become dependent on them for reaching altered states of consciousness. Once we do, then they will hold us back from growing further in our journey. So the question you should ask yourself is: when Is it time to give up binaural beats?

Success and binaurals

It’s already been proven, the more often we meditate and experience altered states of consciousness in the lower brainwave frequencies, the easier it is to reach those states the next time. Our brain is like a muscle and the more we exercise it the better it performs. So say we use binaural beats to lucid dream. There is specific brainwave frequencies associated with being awake while dreaming. The more we use these audios to reach those frequencies, the easier and less resistant it becomes the next time. As the saying goes — practice makes perfect.

This doesn’t mean you should just quit them cold turkey. Who knows what kind of withdrawals you will have. 🙂

But in all seriousness there comes a point when we should ask ourselves if we no longer need binaural beats to have the desired experience. Once we can successfully do it without tricking our brains with entrainment, these audios no longer are of use to us. When we can access the power of our minds without any tools or help, we can do anything.

How do we know if we’re ready?

Simply by trying. Put the headphones on the shelf for a week and attempt to meditate on your desired experience. Don’t put the beats away for one day, fail and then assume we still need them. If you have been using them consistently for a while (maybe a few years for some, maybe a few months for others, as each person varies) then see how well your practice has paid off. You may be surprised at what happens.

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