What Happens When You Die?

Man following the light

Life After Death

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character…Would you slow down? Or speed up?” – Chuck Palahniuk

Physical death is something that we all must inevitably face whether we are ready for it or not. A transitional period from one stage of our lives into the next. But what exactly happens when you die? Do we get to see our deceased relatives and friends? Do we get to meet God? Does he judge us for our actions or our beliefs? Are we sent to heaven or hell? Is there even a life after death? These are all questions that humans have pondered since they have became conscious individuals searching for a higher purpose to their lives.

Man following the light

In order to truly answer what happens when you die without the inhibiting dogma of our beliefs, we must look at how answering this question is actually possible. There are three ways it can be done:

  1.  Experiencing Death Ourselves –
    There are a numerous accounts of near-death experiences where people have died, or came extremely close, and then were revived to tell us what they experienced.
  2. Talking to People That Have Already Died –
    We are able to do this through mediums and psychics, or by raising our own vibrations to a higher level and becoming one ourselves giving us more proof.
  3. Visiting the Realm Where Deceased People Go –
    This is actually possible by learning how to astral project. By shifting our consciousness to our astral body, we can interact in the astral plane where spirits and entities reside.

By experiencing, or at least learning more about these, you can get a better understanding as to what happens when you die. I will get much deeper in all of these subjects later on but with that said, lets focus on what happens when we die.

Where Do We Come From

In order to know where we are going we must first understand where we come from. We are consciousness that existed before we were born into this physical plane. It was our choice to be here so that we can learn, grow, experience, help others, expand our perspective, get a better understanding of the universe, and to realize the connection between us all. There is a reason that you are here right now experiencing life on earth. Once we die and pass on to the next stage of our lives, we can look back at what we have learned and how much we have grown and then decide what to do from there.

I See the Light

When we first die it is usually a hard concept to grasp, especially if it was a freak accident. We have now entered our astral body for good and there is no going back. You may see a bright light right away or there may be a guide, deceased relative, or angel standing next to you to guide you to the other side.

You also may have not realized that you have died yet. Many have trouble accepting it. This is usually because of emotional attachments and feelings that are preventing you from moving on. You may try to communicate with other people, go back into your body, or just dwell on the earth plane for awhile. Until you realize, or someone guiding you has helped you realize that it’s time to move on, you will stay on the earth plane. This is why ghosts exist.

Life Review

Once we finally move on to the other side, which can be very quick or it can take a some time depending on how long we linger in the physical plane, we now are in the astral. There are many theories as to what happens here. Judgment, face our karma, etc…Essentially they are basically the same. I like to refer to it as a life review. We go over our life and we get to see what we have learned, how much we have grown, how much pain we have caused, how much we have helped others, and what we still need to work on. You will feel all the love and joy you gave to others but you will also feel all the hate and pain that you caused. You are not being judge but shown what you have done so that you can learn and grow from it. Do we judge a first grader because he doesn’t understand calculus yet? No. We understand that there are many levels he must complete in order to get his diploma. It’s the same concept. Our spiritual development as a soul is still very young and we go through various levels learning and growing along the way.

Heaven and Hell

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a heaven or hell, or at least not what most people think of it as. There are various levels of planes that exist and the lower ones we could consider hell and the higher ones we could consider heaven. It’s really our choice which ones we go to. If we are vibrating at a higher level with love and compassion then we will go to a higher vibrating plane. If we are vibrating at a lower level filled with hate and anger then we will go to a lower vibrating plane when we die. In the higher planes of existence you are filled with pure joy and euphoria. This is were angelic beings and other high vibrating entities reside. The lower planes are filled with evil and torment and what we might refer to as demons or energy vampires. We can always go to higher planes if we make the conscious choice to raise our vibrations and give up our old ways. You can think of this as karma in a way. When you do good things with pure intentions then you are raising your vibrations. If you do evil things then you are only hurting yourself because you are lowering your vibrational frequency. This is not punishment but an experience so we can learn and grow from it.

When Do I Meet God

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering when you will get to meet this guy you have always heard about called God. You don’t have to die to meet God. Just look at everything around you and inside of you and you will see God. What is God? God is consciousness. That thing inside of you that let’s you know you’re alive. The higher you’re vibrating the more love you will feel, the more alive you feel, the more of God you will feel and experience. God is not some separate entity but apart of us all.

Deciding What to Do

After you have your life review you can then decide what you want to do next. Some people take a long time to reflect their previous life before deciding. Others choose to incarnate the earth again quickly. Some just decide to stay in the astral for awhile and explore it further. If you are an advanced individual then you can decide to become a spirit guide to help others learn and grow. Whatever you choose will be what you feel is necessary for your spiritual development.

We are all energy and energy is infinite. We will exist for all of eternity. Our purpose of being is to learn and grow infinitely. To expand our understanding and awareness to a place that knows no end. To understand the true meaning of love allowing it to seep out of every inch of our souls lighting up the universe. This life on earth is nothing more than a tiny split second compared to all of eternity. A stage in our lives to learn and grow in a never-ending outward spiral reaching infinite possibilities.

Death does not exist.

Death is an illusion.

Death is birth to a greater awareness.

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